Ultra Pro PSA Graded Card Stand - (10ct)

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    *card pictured not included. Obviously.


    The PSA® Graded Card Stands are a great way to display your treasured graded cards. The all black base is designed to hold your favorite collectible card in place at a slight angle for superior presentation. This card stand is compatible with PSA graded cards. (Card & card holder not included)

    PSA® is a registered trademark of Collectors Universe, Inc.

    • A unique way to display your favorite graded trading & collectible cards
    • The PSA stand features a sleek black base that holds card at a slight angle for superior presentation
    • Sized to hold cards graded by PSA Card
    • Easy to insert PSA Graded Card into one-piece stand
    • Pack contains 10 individually wrapped PSA Graded Card Stands

    - $19.00

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