Upper Deck Marvel: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Hobby Pack

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    Explore the mutliverse with this exciting Upper Deck entertainment trading card set - Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Look for impressive insert and chase cards capturing the look and feel of this dark cinematic world.

    100-Card Base Set: - [25] Ensemble - Character Cards
    Collectible Parallels: - Earth 838 - Numbered out of 838 - 3rd Eye - Look for a hidden eye - Key Parallel - Black Ink Variation
    Ensemble Cards: - Collect your favorite characters from the movie - Key Parallel #'d to 1!
    Impressive List of Talent Autographed Cards: - Including Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Xochitl Gomez and more!
    Mind Bending Pure Madness Cards: - Look for Short Prints, Red, Blue, Gold and Auto Parallels
    Book of Vishanti Autos Booklets: - Get to the Book of Vishanti - Autograph Booklet cards!
    Other Worldly Themed Inserts: - Witchy Woman - Scarlet Witch Set - Universes - Multiverse Worlds Set - Is There A Doctor in the House? - Doctor Strange Set
    Exciting Chase Cards: - Pure Madness - Psychedelic - That Wasn't A Dream - Film Cel Cards - Sorcerer Supremes - Plexi Cards - Portals - Patterened Foil Board Cards
    Pack Hits: - [4] Base Set or Ensemble - [1] Base Set or Ensemble Red Parallel - [1] Insert or Chase Card
    Box Hits: - [3] Base Set or Ensemble Spell Parallels - [2] Serial Numbered Parallels from the Following: Base Set/Ensemble - Earth 838 (#'d 1-of-838), Cyan (#'d to 199), Magenta (#'d to 50), Witchy Woman, America's Allies, Is There A Doctor in the House - Gold (#'d to 99) - [1] Pure Madness - [1] That Wasn't A Dream Tier 1-Tier 4 Plexi Card
    Configuration: 6 Cards per Pack

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