Ultra Pro 4pkt Page for PSA Graded Slab

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    Why store your collectible cards in a box when you can easily flip through them in a binder? The Graded Slab Page is the perfect way to store, organize and easily view your graded card slabs in an Ultra PRO 3-ring album. This page is designed to hold 4 PSA graded slabs in a rigid, 3-hole punched page. This page features special lock-in tabs and finger notches to easily remove and reorganize slabs. These pages are a great way to show off your TCG and sports card collection, or easily carry to conventions and signings. 

    • Rigid pages sized to hold 4 standard PSA graded slabs
    • 3-hole punched to fit Ultra PRO albums
    • Special lock-in tabs secure slabs into place
    • Finger notches to easily remove slabs
    • 4 pages fit in a 3 in. binder

    - $3.00

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