2023 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Vol. 2 Hobby Pack

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    Upper Deck presents the return of Marvel Anime with Volume 2. This trading card sets features original art from various visual artists capturing the look and feel of the very popular Anime and Manga genre. This set is full of colorful imagery and eye catching content!
    Original Art Character Cards: - 100-card Character Base Set - Also popular parallel - Japanese Mega Moon
    Unforgettable Inserts: - Kodomomuke - Power Level - Wolverine's Journey - Kaiju Battles
    Hanafuda Cards: - Styled after popular Japanese card game - Hanafuda - Includes SP and SSP versions - Also Hanafuda Booklets + Autographed Version
    Event Capsule Cards: - 3 Levels Event Capsule Cards - Street, World and Comic - Each Event Capsule Cards comes with a Mini card within it
    J-Comic Collage - Stax Cards: - Piece Together multi-layers to create one coheisive card - Designed to look like popular Manga magazines
    Pack Hits: (on average) - [4] Base Set Cards - [2] Insert or Chase Cards
    Box Hits: (on average) - [4] Thatched Foil Board Parallels - [2] Japanese Megamoon Parallels - [4] Inserts from the following: Kodomomuke, Power Level, Wolverine's Journey, Kaiju Battles - [1] Artist Auto or Woodblock - [1] Capusle Card - [1] from the following (Chibi, Hanafuda, Stax SP, Sketch or Booklet)
    Configuration: 5 Cards per Pack

    - $9.50

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