2023 Upper Deck Blizzard Legacy Collection Hobby Pack

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    200-card Base Set:
    - Collect colorful Base Set Foil Parallels: Uncommon, Spectral and Silver
    - Numbered Base Set Parallels Include: D. I. S. C. O., Damascus and Gold Spectrum (#'d 1-of-1)

    Thematic Inserts:
    - From Diablo, collect Horadric Cube Square Die-Cut cards and create your own custom Horadric Cube!
    - From Overwatch, gather Emotes! Lenticular Motion cards featuring the most popular emotes used by players and Ultimate Ready cards that show off the power of each Hero's Ultimate Ability!
    - Look for Patch Notes Shadowbox Cards chronicling Blizzard Entertainment releases using the original game's iconic Box Art.
    - From World of Warcraft, show off your collection of rare mounts with Stable Master Plexi cards!
    - From Heroes of the Storm, find Realm Lords cards that contain Diamond Singularity Stones!
    - From Warcraft 3, find Crests of War Wood Cards showcasing the different factions and their 4 Hero Class Units.
    - From Starcraft 2, discover War Banners, manufactured patch cards showcasing the different Races and their Heroes.
    - From Hearthstone, gather The Innkeepers Collection Capsule cards. Each card can be ripped open to find 3 Hearthstone Mini cards inside. Look for different tiers of rarity: Classic, Mage and Golden!

    Art of Samwise insert: brand new art cards from Samwise!:
    - Look for Sketch Variant and numbered Autograph Parallels

    Discover rare numbered parallels:
    - Blizzcon Evolution Gold Parallel - #'d to 5
    - Realm Lords Rare, Epic and Legendary Parallels - #'d to 10 or less
    - Ultimate Ready Talon Charged Parallel - #'d 1-of-1
    - War Banners Cosmos Parallel - #'d to 10

    Ultra Rare 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!

    Chase Hits:
    - Base Set Parallels #'d to 99 or less
    - Limited Edition Art of Samwise Autograph Parallel Cards
    - Sketch Cards
    - Patch Notes
    - 2, 3 and 4 Diamond Singularity Realm Lords Parallels
    - Gold Spectrum 1-of-1 Parallel
    - Ultimate Ready Parallels #'d to 50 or less
    - Crest of War

    Box Hits:
    - Emotes!
    - War Banners
    - Realm Lords
    - Horadric Cube
    - Stable Master
    - The Innkeepers Collection - Mage or Golden card

    Configuration: 6 Cards per Pack

    - $10.00

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