2023 Bob Ross Trading Cards - Series 1

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    A Happy Little Trading Card Set!

    Through more than 400 episodes of The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross assured us that everyone has creativity. That anyone can pick up a brush. He taught us how to turn feelings into fields and foliage, into mountains and woods with "happy little trees."

    Now his art comes to life in a new way. This official trading-card set features many of his lush and lovely paintings - plus original artwork from some of the many artists he inspired,

    You'll see new portraits featuring his ready smile and trademark perm and whimsical illustrations based on his pastimes...from his lifelong love of animals, including rescued wildlife, to his sports cars and more.

    You'll find many of Bob's paintings, rarely ever seen outside his TV show. Beautiful, haunting works like "The Footbridge" and "Full Moon," now collectible for the first time.
    It's no "happy little accident." Bob Ross is back.

    Get all 60 collector cards...chase down variants...and enjoy special suprise cards as well!

    Approximate odds of finding per pack:
    Collector Card Parallels: Rainbow Holofoil 1:1, Collector Parallel Holofoil 1:2, Cold Foil Painting Cards 1:12, Gemstone Refractor 1:24, Artist Refractors 1:48, Culture Shokz 1:144

    Configuration: 2 Packs per Box, 5 Cards per Pack

    - $29.00

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