2022 Fleer Ultra Avengers Blaster Box

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    2022 Marvel Fleer Ultra Avengers Trading Card Blasters offer premium all-new original art from top artists! Collect retro Fleer Ultra designs, exclusive content, technology cards, and new inserts! Look for Blaster Exclusive Ultra Stars Cards! Featuring an All New Original Art 90 Card Base Set and 15 Card Silver Age Base Set!


    • Earth's Mightiest Spin-Off's
    • 1st Appearance
    • Artist Spotlights
    • Epic Battles

    BLASTER HITS (On Average)

    • 1 Blaster Exclusive Ultra Star Card!
    • 1 Medallion Card


    • Universe Power Supreme Die Cut Black Parallel Cards
    • Jambalaya Cards
    • Checkmate King and Queen Cards
    • Ultra Stars Gold Parallel Cards

    Configuration: 3 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack

    - $49.00

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