2021 Panini Playoff Football Hobby Pack

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    Featuring Rookie Cards of Mac Jones, Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Kyle Pitts, DeVonta Smith, Trevor Lawrence, and Trey Lance!

    Playoff Football is action packed for 2021! Look for 2 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards, 12 Rookies, 12 Inserts, 4 Parallels and 1 Base/Rookie Plus per box, on average!

    Find autograph insert sets such as Rookie Autographs, Rookie Autograph Variations, Hall of Fame Signatures, Game Day Signatures, Touchdown Tandems, and Behind the Numbers Signatures.

    Chase Contenders Rookie Ticket Preview Green and Rookie Ticket Preview Red (#'d/23) featuring the top rookies from the 2021 NFL Draft!

    New to 2021 Playoff Football, look for Die-Cut parallels of Thunder & Lightning, Rookie Wave and Behind the Numbers. Also find Base/Rookie No Huddle parallels #'d/10!

    Look for the new Base/Rookie Plus Silvers and parallels on Opti-Chrome at one per box in Hobby!

    Look for 2 different Hobby-exclusive case hit inserts - Stained Glass and Overdrive - featuring some of the best Serie A players from past and present.

    The Mosaic brand returns to Serie A for the 2021-22 season with all the latest rookies and blockbuster transfers showcased on beautiful Opti-Chrome.

    Look for a 200-card base set featuring players from all 20 Serie A teams! Collect these Hobby-exclusive parallels: Mosaic Red, Mosaic Blue (#'d/99), Mosaic Purple (#'d/49), Mosaic Pink (#'d/25), Mosaic Gold (#'d/10), and Mosaic Black (#'d/1). Plus four exclusive Insert parallels: Mosaic, Mosaic White (#'d/25), Mosaic Gold (#'d/10) and Mosaic Black (#'d/1).

    Find top footballers in three Hobby-exclusive insert sets including International Men of Mastery, Pitch Masters, and Montage.

    Collect authentic autographed cards from current and retired footballers in Serie A Scripts Mosaic and Serie A Autographs Mosaic. Also look for two Hobby-exclusive autograph parallels: Mosaic Gold (Max #'d/10) and Mosaic Black (Max #'d/1).


    BASE: Collect all 200 from the NFL's best in the Playoff Base Set!

    Base 1st Down - #'d/100
    Base 2nd Down - #'d/50
    Base 3rd Down - #'d/35
    Base 4th Down - #'d/25
    Base No Huddle #'d/10
    Base Touchdown - #'d/1
    Base Autographs


    Rookies 1st Down - #'d/100
    Rookies 2nd Down - #'d/50
    Rookies 3rd Down - #'d/35
    Rookies 4th Down - #'d/25
    Rookies No Huddle #'d/10
    Rookies Touchdown - #'d/1
    Rookies Autographs
    Rookies Autographs Touchdown - #'d/1

    ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS VARIATIONS: Look for the rare Rookie Autograph Variations from the top 2021 NFL Rookies!

    Rookie Autograph Variations - #'d/50
    Rookie Autograph Variations 4th Down - #'d/10
    Rookie Autograph Variations Touchdown - #'d/1

    ROOKIE TICKET PREVIEW: Chase the Hobby exclusive Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Green and Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Red #'d/23 of the iconic Contenders Rookie Tickets!

    Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Green - #'d/23
    Rookie Ticket RPS Preview Red - #'d/23
    Rookie Ticket Variations RPS Preview Green - #'d/23
    Rookie Ticket Variations RPS Preview Red - #'d/23

    GAME DAY SIGNATURES: Look for Game Day Signatures showcasing NFL's top talents and their best games from 2020!

    Game Day Signatures - #'d/75
    Game Day Signatures 4th Down - #'d/10
    Game Day Signatures Touchdown - #'d/1

    TOUCHDOWN TANDEMS: Hunt for the best duos to dominate the gridiron with Touchdown Tandems!

    Touchdown Tandems - #'d/25
    Touchdown Tandems 4th Down - #'d/5
    Touchdown Tandems Touchdown - #'d/1

    THUNDER & LIGHTNING: Find Opti-Chrome Inserts such as Thunder & Lightning with new die-cut parallels!

    Thunder & Lightning Silver
    Thunder & Lightning Gold - #'d/10
    Thunder & Lightning Touchdown - #'d/1

    TURNING PRO: From the college ranks to the big show, look for the new Rookies taking over the NFL in Turning Pro!

    Turning Pro Memorabilia
    Turning Pro Memorabilia Prime - #'d/50

    ROOKIES PLUS: Find 1 Base or Rookie Plus on Opti-Chrome technology per box, on average!

    Rookies Plus Silver
    Rookies Plus Blue - #'d/50
    Rookies Plus Red - #'d/25
    Rookies Plus Gold - #'d/10
    Rookies Plus Black - #'d/1

    8 Cards Per Pack

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