2020-21 Upper Deck Allure Hockey Blaster Box (Yellow Taxi Exclusives)

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    Keep an eye out for Rare Auto and Jersey Parallels, as well as the Blaster Exclusive Yellow Taxi Parallel!

    The final 50 cards of the Base Set are all SP Rookie cards! Grab 1 in every 3 packs

    Allure, now in its second season following a very successful 2019-20 debut, sports a 150-card Base Set featuring 70 Veterans, 30 Rookies and 50 SP Rookies. With several parallels ranging from simply color and pattern variations to color and pattern variations with autographs or memorabilia, Allure will appeal to a wide variety of collectors.

    Allure is stocked with exciting insert sets, including the following:

    - New! Grand Entrance - Dedicated to the league's top rookie prospects!
    - Iced Out - The checklist features a mix of active stars and rookies.
    - NEW! Diagnostics - Features a checklist of active stars
    - NEW! City Celly - This insert captures the joy of goal-scoring, presenting players celebrating doing just that and with the skyline of their home city in the background!


    Autograph Memorabilia Cards!:

    - Base Set - Red Rainbow Auto Parallel 1:400
    - Base Set - Red Rainbow Rookie Jersey Parallel 1:33
    - Base Set - Red Rainbow Jersey Parallel 1:100
    - SP's 101-150 - Red Auto Parallel 1:133

    Alluring Insert Cards (Non-Auto/Mem):

    - NEW! Grand Entrance 1:8
    - Iced Out 1:20
    - NEW! Diagnostics 1:27
    - NEW! City Celly 1:27

    Regular Base Set & Base Set Parallel, Variation Cards:

    - Base Set N/A
    - Base Set - Black Rainbow Parallel 1:7
    - Base Set - Red Rainbow Parallel 1:14
    - Base Set - Orange Slice Die-Cut Parallel 1:28
    - BLASTER EXCLUSIVE! - Base Set- Yellow Taxi Parallel 1:2
    - SP's 101-150 1:3
    - SP's 101-150 - Red Parallel 1:20

    5 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack


    - $35.00

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