2010-11 Playoff Contenders Hockey Hobby Pack

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    - Look for Rookie Tickets, the next must-build RC subset! Collectors will clamor for Taylor Hall, Jeff Skinner, Jordan Eberle and many more members of hockey's deepest freshman class of the last five years!

    - Leather Larceny captures top puck stoppers like Ryan Miller, Tim Thomas and more flashing the glove on a brilliant leather stock! (#'d/1000 auto versions are #'d/50)

    - NHL Ink offers up a pair of sizzling signatures from some of hockey's hottest names!

    - The Great Outdoors will warm up collections with the best photography from the NHL's signature event, the Winter Classic! (#'d /1000 auto versions are #'d /50)

    - Against The Glass acetate cards put you in a front row seat for the most bone-crunching action in sports!

    - Lottery Winners features the most coveted prospects selected over the past five years!

    - $5.00

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