1990 Pro Set Football Series 2 Hobby Box

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    36 packs per box, 14 cards per pack

    This set consists of 801 standard-size cards issued in three series. The first series contains 377 cards, the second series 392 and a 32-card Final Update. The fronts have striking color action photos and team colored borders on the top and bottom edges. Cards 1-29 are special selections from Pro Set commemorating events or leaders from the previous year. Pro Set also produced and randomly inserted 10,000 Lombardi Trophy hologram cards, creating quite a hobby sensation. Speculation is that one special Lombardi card was inserted in every tenth case. These attractive cards were hand serial numbered out of 10,000 (printed as 10M) and feature the words "Collector Edition" on the back. An "Owner Edition" version, as printed on the cardback (not serial numbered), exists but surfaced long after Pro Set closed the business. Additional blanback, blankfront and even panels and strips of the Lomdardi trophy card have surfaced, but we've chosen to catalog just the original version. Due to a contractual dispute, the Pro Bowl card of Eric Dickerson (No. 338) was withdrawn early creating a short print, but quantities of this card were released after Pro Set closed and sold off old inventory.

    Key Rookies: Emmitt Smith, Rich Gannon, and more!!!

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