Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Platinum Page for Standard Size Cards 100ct

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    Protect and showcase your trading cards with the highest standard in safe storage - Ultra PRO's Platinum Series 9-Pocket Pages. Page's seals are solid sealed for high seal strength and improved lay-flat quality. Pockets are toploading style and sized to fit standard (2.5" x 3.5" trading cards, such as baseball cards, Pokemon and other collectible cards. Great for artists to archive sketch cards for display. Also ideal for sticker cards, coupons and other collectibles. Each page bears Ultra PRO's hologram quality & authenticity seal. Pages are clear on both sides and fit in Ultra PRO's standard-size 3-ring albums. Ultra PRO's Platinum Series pages are made in California, USA. Each box comes with 100 individual pages.

    • The highest standard in safe storage - Ultra PRO Platinum Series 9-Pocket Pages
    • 3-hole punched spine to fit most 3-ring binders
    • Pockets are sized to fit standard (2.5" x 3.5") trading cards
    • Made with non-PVC, acid-free, ultra-clear polypropylene film
    • 100 pages per box, made in California, USA

    - $25.00

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