2024 Historic Autographs Vintage Celebrity Mystery Pack

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    Historic Autographs has crafted a small yet star-packed vintage signed celebrity photograph product. Our 2024 HA Celebrity: Signed Vintage Edition contains mostly vintage 8x10" photographs that have been signed by acting legends and entertainers from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Many of the photographs are Type 1 and studio portraits. There are a limited number of magazine photos and a few photographs are 7x9." All signatures have been authenticated by Beckett.

    Signers Include: - Betty Grable - Joan Crawford - Alec Guinness - Hugh Hefner - Gregory Peck - Peter Ustinov - Bette Davis - Laurence Olivier - Rex Harrison - Elizabeth Montgomery - Fred Astaire - Rock Hudson - Alan Hale - Bing Crosby - Ginger Rogers - Burt Reynolds - Alan Ladd - Tony Curtis - Several Multi-Signed Photographs & more!! 1 Photo per Pack

    - $75.00

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