2023 Upper Deck SP Game Used CFL Football Hobby Box

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    release date 06.03.2024

    Each 2023 Upper Deck CFL SP Game Used Football Hobby Box contains 3 Memorabilia, Autograph and/or autograph memorabilia cards per pack!

    Collect 3 memorabilia, autograph and/or autograph memorabilia cards per pack! All memorabilia is game-worn!

    Be on the lookout for the CFL Prowess autograph set! This set features top players on an awesome design. These cards are sure to be an impressive addition to any collection.

    Be on the lookout for autograph memorabilia cards with the CFL Auto Patch and CFL Auto Jersey sets. These cards feature game-worn memorabilia and autographs from your favorite players.

    Collect more awesome game-worn material via the CFL Premium Patches set (varied #’ing)! Also keep an eye out for Sponsor Logo Patch parallel cards #’d to just 2. Each card in the parallel set contains a piece of the sponsor logo from a game-worn jersey.

    - $249.00

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