2023 Upper Deck Marvel Fleer Ultra Midnight Sons Hobby Box

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    Marvel Fleer Ultra Midnight Sons offers premium all-new original art from top artists! Collect retro Fleer Ultra designs, limited numbering parallels, chase cards, artist and creator autographs and new inserts!

    Original Art 100-card Base Set with Green, Blue, Orange, Purple and rare Gold Spectrum and Red Autographed parallels!

    Comic Clippings:
    - All numbered. Look for Autographed and Dual Autographed versions!


    - Numbered Gold, Platinum, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green Medallions Parallels!
    - Collect 1-of-1 Opal Black Medallions!

    Magnificent Jambalya Cards!

    Themed Inserts:
    - Spellcraft Stories
    - Spirit of Vengeance
    - Thaumaturgical Artifacts
    - Strange Tales

    Look for ultra-flashy Ultrabilities rainbow foil cards, glow in the dark Late Night Creep Concert and Hellfire acetate/rainbow foil die-cut cards!

    Brand new Cracks in the Tombstone rip card inserts, featuring mini numbered cards!

    Collect all nine 3x3 cards to piece together an epic puzzle!

    1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!

    Box Hits:
    - Artist Autograph Card
    - Numbered Base Set Parallels
    - Numbered Insert Parallels
    - Medallions
    - 3x3
    - Ultra Shade, Ultra Shades SP or Ultra Shades SSP

    Chase Hits:

    - Comic Clippings Dual Autographs
    - Ultrabilities
    - Comic Cuts
    - Dark Text
    - Gold Spectrum Foil Base Parallels - #'d 1-of-1
    - Opal Black Medallions Parallels - #'d 1-of-1
    - Jambalya

    12 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack

    - $219.00

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