2023 Upper Deck Marvel Eternals Hobby Box

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    Discover what the Marvel Studios Eternals fight for in this Upper Deck entertainment trading card set. Follow this band of immortals through time as they defend humans and into the present as they try to form the Uni-Mind. This set includes impressive talent autographed cards and a variety of low number hits.

    Various Base Set and Character Parallel Cards:

    • Including #'d to 1 Black Parallels

      Unforgettable Inserts:
    • Base Set - Flash Back High Series
    • Eternal Scenery
    • Immortals & Mortals
    • Eternals vs Deviants

      Talent Autographed Cards:
    • Low #'d Immortals & Mortals Gold Autograph Parallel
    • Eternal Ink Duals #'d - Two Autographs on One Card

      *Film Cel Cards: (manufactured)
    • 4 Tiers of When Immortals Walk the Earth Film Cel Cards
    • Gold #'d Autographed variant

      Chase Big Hits:
    • Stars Are Eternal & Preliminary Profiles Metal Cards
    • Uni-Mind Lenticular Cards
    • Base Set and Inserts Printing Plates

      PACK HITS:
    • [4] Base Set or Character Cards
    • [1] Green Parallel Card
    • [1] Insert or Chase Card

      BOX HITS:
    • [1] #'d Parallel Card
    • [3] Silver Parallel Cards
    • [1] Autograph, Lenticular, Plexi or Metal Card
    • [1] Film Cel

      Configuration: 15 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack

    - $80.00

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