2023 Topps Athletes Unlimited Hobby Box

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    Every Box contains Two Autographs!

    The first product of its kind, 2023 Topps Athletes Unlimited All Sports will collect the best athletes from all 4 AU sports leagues: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball and Lacrosse.

    Fans can find cards featuring autographs and game-used uniforms of their favorites AU Athletes.

    Each Hobby Box delivers 2 autograph cards.

    Collectors can look for limited base card parallels, multi-signature autograph cards and autograph relic cards numbered to 99 or less.


    Base: This 200-card base set will include athletes from Basketball, Volleyball, Softball and Lacrosse.

    - Rainbow Foil Parallel - Inserted 1:2 packs unless replaced by below
    - Gold Foil Board Parallel - Inserted 1:24 packs 1 per Hobby Box
    - Royal Blue Parallel - #'d to 99
    - Independence Day Parallel - #'d to 76
    - Mother's Day Hot Pink Parallel - #'d to 50
    - NGWSD Parallel - #'d to 22
    - Printing Plates - #'d 1/1 (4 per card)
    - Foilfractor - #d 1/1

    INSERTS: 1 per Pack

    Being Unlimited: Celebrating the career highlights of leading AU talent across all 4 sports.

    Unlimited Potential: Showcasing the future stars of Athletes Unlimited.

    Record Breakers: Relive milestone games and seasons where athletes reached new heights.

    Face of the Nation: Honoring elite athletes who have represented their home country on the international stage.

    Insert Parallels:
    - Rainbow Foil Board - #'d to 50
    - Gold Foil Board - #'d to 25
    - Foilfractor - #'d 1-of-1
    - Autograph parallel (select subjects) - #'d to 25

    Topps Black Gold: the iconic Topps insert starring some of the AU's elite stars. Limited to 250


    AU Athlete Autographs: featuring the best athletes across all 4 AU leagues
    - Rainbow Foil Board - #'d to 50
    - Gold Foil Board - #'d to 25
    - Foilfractor - #'d 1-of-1

    AU Athlete Quad Autographs: linking 4 athletes with autographs on one card. Numbered to 10

    AU Athlete Autograph Relics: Pairing autographs and game-worn uniform pieces from select AU stars. Numbered to 99 or less.
    - Rainbow Foil Board - #'d to 25
    - Gold Foil Board - #'d to 10
    - Foilfractor - #'d 1-of-1

    AU Athlete Relics: Celebrating top tier talent with game-used uniform swatches.
    - Rainbow Foil Board - #'d to 99
    - Gold Foil Board - #'d to 50
    - Foilfractor - #'d 1-of-1

    24 Packs per Box, 14 Cards per Pack

    - $109.00

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