2023 Street Fighter Trading Cards - Series 1

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    Meet The New Challengers!

    Prepare for the Street Fighter Series 1 Trading Cards from Cardsmiths featuring artwork from the smash hit fighting game franchise.

    Power up your V-Gauge by building the complete set of 52 collector cards while keeping an eye out for Swimsuit, Arena, Power Move and Versus subset cards. Also, be at the ready to potentially find rare Meta-Rare Refractor, serial-numbered Gemstone Refractor and Culture Shokz Cards.

    What are you waiting for challengers? It is time to enter the arena and start building your collection today!

    Approximate odds of finding per pack:
    Base Card Parallels: Holofoil 1:1, Collector Card Parallel Hyperwave Holofoil 1:3, Gemstone Refractor 1:36, Meta-Rare Refractor 1:96, Culture Shokz 1:144.

    Configuration: 2 Packs per Box, 5 Cards per Pack

    - $22.00

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