2023 Pro Set Pure Multi-Sport Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains Four Autographs!

    Leaf is proud to announce a new addition to its industry leading mult-sport product portfolio with 2023 Pro Set Pure!

    The entire set will be featured on beautiful clear acetate technology!


    Action Ink:

    Look for signatures of stars such as: Steph Curry, Adrian Peterson and Joe Burrow!

    1989 Pro Set Base Auto:

    Using the classic 1989 Pro Set design on clear acetate! Look for Multi-Sport stars such as: Sandy Koufax, Barry Sanders, Mike Tyson and Erling Haaland!

    All That Glitters & All That Glitters is Gold:

    Rare insert will feature stars such as Ric Flair, Pele and Floyd Mayweather Jr.!

    1990 Pro Set Base Auto:

    Look for stars and legends such as: Emmitt Smith, Nolan Ryan and Hulk Hogan!


    The name speaks for itself! Look for Legendary Signatures from: Vin Scully, Dan Marino and Richard Petty!


    Look for Deion Sanders, Travis Pastrana, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow!


    Platinum Star signatures of Erling Haaland,Sandy Koufax, Odell Beckham Jr. and Naomi Osaka

    Pro Set Past:

    What if the Pro Set brand existed in 1960 for Baseball and Football? Look for Albert Pujols, Don Mattingly, Joe Montana and Roger Staubach!

    Pure Pairings:

    Dual Signatures featuring: Tony Hawk/Travis Pastrana, Steph Curry/Rick Barry and Shaquille O'Neal/Dikembe Mutumbo!


    Triple Signatures of: Joe Montana/Dan Marino/Peyton Manning and Johnny Bench/Mike Schmidt/Steve Garvey!


    Quad signed card featuring: Allen Iverson/Gary Payton/Anfernee Hardaway/Tony Parker, Roger Staubach/Tony Dorsett/Troy Aikman/Emmitt Smith and Steph Curry/Magic Johnson/Damian Lillard/Allen Iverson!

    4 Cards Per Box

    - $635.00

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