2023 Historic Autographs 1918: End of the Great War Hobby Box

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    The year 1918 was an inflection point in the Twentieth Century. the Great War was ending, empires were collapsing, the Spanish Influenza epidemic was raging and the world was in turmoil. A century or so later, much is different, but much is the same. We now have the internet and nuclear weapons, but again have a war in Europe and a pandemic. Learn how History really happened and sometimes repeats itself. Is there something different we could do this time around?
    4 Inserts/Relics & a 16x12" poster of a WWI map in Every Box!
    Did you know: - Eddie Vernon Rickenbacker, the champion race car driver, was the most successful American fighter ace in the Great War. - The Red Baron was buried with full military honors by his enemies. - Houdini held classes to advise American soldiers how to escape sinking ships and escape from ropes, handcuffs and similar restraints, in case of capture by the Germans. - Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated dog in American History, won a purple heart in the Great War. - Schrodinger's cat did NOT exist - he was a theoretical cat.
    Collect HACC's 1918: End of the Great War cards to learn more and to hold actual relics from 1918 and the Great War.
    Card Subsets include: - Autograph Card - 330 Base Cards & Parallel Sets - Printing Plates - 40 SSP Image Variation Base Cards - Historic DNA Cards - Uniform Fabric Cards - 1918 Pinup Cards - 1918 Garment Cards - WWI Weapon Stickers - 1/1 Artist Sketch Cards - Replica Dog Tags - WWI Poster Alloy Cards - WWI Medal Alloy Cards - 21st Pack Base Card Parallels - Platinum Uniform Button Cards
    Autographs include: - Woodrow Wilson - Dwight D. Eisenhower - Herbert Hoover - Harry Truman - Jack Pershing - Eddie Collins - Richard Byrd - Ty Cobb - Babe Ruth - Branch Rickey - Harry Heilmann - Ted Williams & Many More!!
    Product Breakdown:
    Base Cards: The 330 Base Card set contains peoople, places and events from 1918 with a focus on the End of the Great War. The factory hobby box will include (7-8) Alloy or Aurora parallel cards and (4-5) relics/insert cards per 20-pack box. Cards #303-330 are super short-printed (SSP) and there are (40) cards in the set that have image variations. Parallel cards include Aurora #/25 and Alloy #/149. Printer Plates (1/1) are included for each card (4 colors per card).
    40 SSP Image Variation Base Cards: The HA Image Variations base cards introduce alternative photos and artwork to 40 select topics from the base set. These Image Variations cards are printed in one twentieth the quantity of the regular base cards.
    Autograph Cards: Autograph cards contain authentic signatures. Sigantures were obtained with third-party authentication and are on file at Historic Autographs.
    Historic DNA Cards: Our ever-popular Historic DNA cards feature individuals who made an impact in 1918. Authentic Hair was obtained from the Guinness Book of World Records holder for collections of celebrity hair.
    Uniform Fabric: Louis Connelly served in the US Navy during the Great War, having enlisted during the Spanish-American War, rising through the ranks to retire as a Captain. These cards include fabric from one of Captain Connelly's uniforms.
    1918 Pinup Cards: Our models provide a stunning retrospective on women's fashion in 1918 through this series of pin-up-style cards in Alloy finish.
    Pinup Garment Cards: Out models provide a stunning retrospective on women's fashion in 1918 through this series of pin-up-style cards, which include a sample fabric from the outfits worn in these shoots.
    1/1 Artist Sketch Cards: Our artists work hard on each 1/1 hand-drawn art card to show different perspectives of historical events. Each card is unique.
    Replica Dog Tags: HA Replica Dog Tags are evocative of those worn by American soldier in World War I, the first war in which this form of identification became commonplace. Each Dog Tag carries the name of a noteworthy person who served in the Great war, along with their accomplishments.
    WWI Poster Alloy Cards: During World War I, posters were used for both informational and propoganda purposes. Many talented and influential artists were employed in their creation, some famous and some whose identities are lost to history. WWI Poster Cards depict these stunning and creative posters which reflect the concerns and values of the tumultuous time,
    WWI Medal Alloy Cards: A variety of medals were awarded to servicemen during and after the war, some as an acknowledgement of honorable service and some to laud accomplishments or acts of heroism. WWI Medal Cards depict these medals which served as a reminder of their sacrifices.
    21st Pack Base Cards: 21st pack base card parallels include an alternative and creative parallel design to the base set, featuring 6 bright color versions.
    Configuration: 21 Packs per Box, 10 Cards per Pack

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