2022 Leaf Exotic Multisport Hobby Box

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    Every Box contains One Exotic #/10 or Less Autograph!

    Leaf is proud to introduce a new entry into our industry leading Muli-Sport product portfolio with 2022 Leaf Exotic!

    Each card is autographed and numbered to 10 or less! Each card is also animal print themed featuring Zebra, Peacock, Tiger, Snakeskin, Parrot, Cheetah, Crocodile & More!

    The best part? The checklist is a beast! Featuring: Erling Haaland, Pele, Albert Pujols, Mike Tyson, Joe Burrow, Floyd Mayweather, Stephen Curry & More!! Look for Rare Multi-Signed Featuring: Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan, Troy Aikman/Emmitt Smith, Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas & Justin Herbert/Joe Burrow!

    - $175.00

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