2022 Historic Autographs Washington Chronicles Blaster Box

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    Washington's Legend Lives On in this Educational and Collectible Series!

    Few people in American history catch attention like George Washington. Known as the Father of the Country, Washington's accomplishments have passed into legendary status, even myth. Historic Autograph's 2022 Washington Chronicles is a 220-card set that includes events in Washington's life, quotes by the great leader, and debunks myths. This series is educational and collectible. The wide array of inserts include the ever-popular Historic DNA cards, autograph cards, stamp cards, coin cards, battlefield dirt relic cards, lenticular family tree cards, and poster, written word cards, Washington-touched relic cards, unique art sketch cards, challenge coin cards, die-cut monuments, and a comprehensive product booklet.


    • Cut Signature/Autograph cards 1:9,200 packs
    • Historic DNA Hair cards 1:3,000 packs
    • Art Sketch Cards 1:960 packs
    • Stamp cards 1:620 packs
    • Coin cards 1:550 packs
    • Written Word cards 1:384 packs
    • Printing Plates (each is 1/1) 1:145 packs
    • Washington Touched Relic cards 1:125 packs
    • Monument cards 1:32 packs
    • Challenge Coin cards 1:29 packs
    • Battlefield Dirt Relic cards 1:29 packs
    • Battlefield Dirt Relic/Coin cards 1:29 packs
    • Family Tree cards 1:21 packs packs

    *Insert ratios on average per pack

    Configuration: 6 packs per box, 10 cards per pack

    - $20.00

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