2022 Fleer Ultra Avengers Hobby Box

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    2022 Marvel Fleer Ultra Avengers offers new premium original art from top artists! Collect retro Fleer Ultra designs, parallels with limited numbering, chase cards, artist and creator autographs, and new inserts from the Marvel Publishing Universe!


    90-Card Original Art Base Set: Collect a wide variety of parallels including numbered Orange, Blue, Burgundy, Red, and 1-of-1 Gold Spectrum foil versions!

    Artists who worked on 2022 Fleer Ultra Avengers include:

    • Caio Cacau
    • Mark Evans
    • Crystal Fae
    • Tom Fleming
    • E.M. Gist
    • Jason Juta
    • Ray Lago
    • Gilberto Martimiano Jr.
    • Tom Morgan
    • Ariel Olivetti
    • John Stanko

    ... and more!

    Silver Age Base Set: Collect the 15-card original art Silver Age Base Set and parallels!

    All-New Animation Cel-Inspired Base Set Variants: Look for autographed Red Parallel versions!

    Exciting inserts include Earth's Mightiest Spin-Offs, Artist Spotlight, Greatest Battles, and 1st Appearance!

    Marvel Value Stamp: Brand-new insert paying homage to the nostalgic Marvel Value Stamps!

    Checkmate: Original art on die-cut chess piece-inspired cards separated by Heroes and Villains! Look for numbered artist autographed versions!

    Look for a Variety of Numbered Comic Clippings: Find comic covers, autographed, dual autographed, and coinage versions!

    Medallions: Numbered Gold, Platinum Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green parallels! Collect 1-of-1 Opal Black parallel medallions!

    Discover shiny Ultra Stars Gold cards!

    Stunning Ultra Power Cards: Printed on rainbow foil board! Search for numbered photo variants!

    Magnificent Jambalaya cards!

    Throwback Universe Power Supreme Card Designs: Look for die-cut Black parallel versions!

    3x3: Collect all nine cards to piece together an epic puzzle!

    Look for Comic Clippings, Creator Autographs, 1-of-1 Sketch Cards, and Artist Autos!

    Configuration: 12 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

    - $225.00

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