2022 CZX - Crisis on Infinite Earths Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains on average One Autograph, One Sketch Card, One CZX STR PWR Card and One Base Set Parallel Card.

    Collect a 50-card Base Set featuring images from the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" five-episode television crossover event!

    Look for Foil Variants of the Base Set! Find randomly inserted Printing Plates!

    The biggest Super Hero event in TV history becomes an infinitely epic trading card release! CZX Crisis on Infinite Earths features images from the event that brings together DC characters from current and past TV series and movies across epsides of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Crytozoic's CZX super premium release showcases incredible Autograph Cards, Wardrobe Cards and hand-drawn Sketch Cards by many of today's most talented artists, as well as cards with the gold Deco Foil. This is the product of the year for diehard DC fans!

    CZ STR PWR Chase Set (1:6 packs)
    Showcases characters from the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" TV crossover event on rare, high-quality cards printed on foil board. There are 4 different rarities that are identifiable by their border color.

    The Base Set for the release includes a variety of stunning images from the event, each featuring premium cardstock, glossy printing, gold foil and etching.

    Autograph cards (1:6 packs)
    Hand-drawn Sketch cards (1:6 packs)
    Wardrobe cards (1:6 packs)
    Foils variants of Base Set
    Printing Plates

    Configuration: 6 packs per box, 5 Cards per Pack

    - $449.00

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