2022-23 Topps Hockey NHL Sticker Album

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    Skating in for another cool release, check out this all-new release of the 2022/23 Topps NHL Sticker Collection with a fresh set of sticker designs built for the ice!


    Find 83 themed pages to hold all 684 stickers in the collection!

    - A continuing tradition of the Stanley Cup Foil Puzzle, adding another Championship Team to the catalog of trophy-hoisting teams!

    - Two full pages dedicated to each of the 32 NHL teams!

    - Specially themed pages for all-new insert content, including 1971/72 Topps Rookies, NHL Captains, Ice Vibrations stickers, and more!

    - Four full "Make Your Own NHL All-Star Team" pages for each division!

    - Ten FREE stickers in each album, including four album-exclusive Photo Variants!

    - $3.50

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