2022-23 Panini Impeccable Basketball Hobby Box

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    • 9 cards per pack. 
    • 1 pack per box.

    Look for 5 autographs, 3 base or base parallels, and 1 Silver insert, Gold insert, or Stainless Stars (non-auto) per box on average.

    Details: Impeccable makes its return to the hardwood for 2022-23 NBA Season! Impeccable Hobby Boxes contain 5 On-Card Autographs, 3 Base or Base Parallels, and 1 Silver metal Insert, Gold metal Insert, or Stainless Stars (Non-Auto) per box!

    Find on-card autographed memorabilia cards of the top 2022-23 Rookies in the Elegance Rookie Jersey Autographs set!

    Look for the popular and rare themed Autograph Insert sets, which are numbered to a player’s jersey number, draft pick spot, or a specific player’s stat!

    Search for non-auto and autograph versions of Stainless Stars with parallels numbered to low as 1!

    Chase after rare and randomly inserted cards made with real silver and gold bars!

    Collect On-Card Autographs of the top rookies including Rookie Patch Autographs in Elegance Rookie Jersey Autographs! Search for unique Autograph Inserts from cards being numbered to player jersey numbers to a Championship themed autograph set! Look for cards made with Real Silver or Real Gold randomly inserted in boxes! Also collect the popular Stainless Stars set, in non-auto and auto versions, including a variety of parallels numbered to as low as 1!

    - $1,948.00

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