2022-23 Panini Immaculate Soccer Hobby Box

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    Every Box contains Five Autographs/Memorabilia Cards & Two Base Cards, Base Parallels, Inserts or Insert Parallels!

    The Immaculate Soccer brand returns for the new season. Look for club and national teams including AS Roma, Olympique de Marseille and many more.

    Find players from all 20 Premier League teams including Liverpool FC, Leeds United and Southampton.

    Look for an autograph checklist that features the cream of the crop, including Christian Pulisic, Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe! Retired players on the autograph list include the likes of Kaka, Andrea Pirlo, as well as David Beckham!

    Do not miss the booklets in 2022-23: Signature Moves Autograph Booklets and Signature Moves Jersey Autograph Booklets!

    Memorabilia is a cornerstone of Immaculate Collection, and the 2022-23 Hobby edition delivers with seven auto/mem inserts and twenty one mem inserts! From brand logos to goalkeeper gloves and every bit of kit in between.


    BASE: Collect a 200-card base set of some of the top stars and youngsters from around the footballing world. Each card is numbered to 80.

    - Base Set (#'d /75)
    - Base Set Silver (#'d /49)
    - Base Set Sapphire (#'d /25)
    - Base Set Gold (#'d /10)

    BASE SET PLATINUM: Collect base parallels of your favorite stars.

    - Base Set Platinum (#'d 1/1)

    MILESTONES: For 2022-23 Moments, Milestones and Introductions are now limited inserts.

    - Milestones (#'d /25)
    - Milestones (#'d /10)
    - Milestones (#'d 1/1)

    PREMIUM SWATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Swatches and signatures adorn 7 card sets in 2022-23 Immaculate Soccer. The combination of a certified autograph and a swatch of authentic material is unbeatable.

    - Premium Swatch Autographs (Max #'d /99)
    - Premium Swatch Autographs Sapphire (Max #'d /25)
    - Premium Swatch Autographs Gold (Max #'d /10)
    - Premium Swatch Autographs Platinum (Max #'d 1/1)

    GLOVE SWATCHES: Returning for 2022-23 Immaculate Collection Soccer, Glove Swatches represent the goalkeepers in a memorabilia set, with each card containing a game-used swatch of glove.

    - Glove Swatches (Max #'d /99)
    - Glove Swatches Sapphire (Max #'d /25)
    - Glove Swatches Gold (Max #'d /10)
    - Glove Swatches Platinum (Max #'d 1/1)

    BRAND LOGOS: There are 3 one-of-one memorabilia insert sets: Brand Logos, Laundry Tags and Dual Laundry Tags.

    SHADOWBOX SIGNATURES: New-to-soccer for 2022-23, Shadowbox Signatures creates a field of depth on each card front with a layer of acetate. Look for this and many other autograph insert sets.

    - Shadowbox Signatures (Max #'d /99)
    - Shadowbox Signatures Silver (Max #'d /49)
    - Shadowbox Signatures Sapphire (Max #'d /25)
    - Shadowbox Signatures Gold (Max #'d /10)
    - Shadowbox Signatures Platinum (Max #'d 1/1)

    IMMACULATE AUTOGRAPHS: Look for retired stars in autograph inserts! These greats of the game appear in striking photography along with a certified autograph of theirs.

    SIGNATURE MOVES AUTOGRAPH BOOKLETS: Collect two different booklet-style-inserts - Signature Moves Patch Autograph Booklet and Patch Autographed Booklets - featuring today's notable names and legend of the past!

    - Signature Moves Autograph Booklets (Max #'d /99)
    - Signature Moves Autograph Booklets Sapphire (Max #'d /25)
    - Signature Moves Autograph Booklets Gold (Max #'d /10)
    - Signature Moves Autograph Booklets Platinum (Max #'d 1/1)

    7 Cards per Box

    - $1,745.00

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