2022-23 Leaf Exotic Basketball Hobby Box

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    Every Box contains Three Autographs per Box!

    Leaf is excited to bring wild and exotic designs to its basketball product line with 2022-23 Leaf Exotic Basketball Hobby Box!

    Everyone knows hhow collectors love the animal print parallels and exotic brings a wild selection inlcuding:
    - Tiger
    - Snakeskin
    - Zebra
    - Peacock
    - Giraffe
    - Snow Leopard
    - Elephant
    - Butterfly
    and more!!

    Every Autograph is #'d to 15 or Less!

    Look for players:
    - Damian Lillard
    - Steph Curry
    - Allen Iverson
    - Demar Derozan
    - Magic Johnson
    - Shaquille O'Neal
    and many more!!!

    3 Cards per Box

    - $149.00

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