2021 Panini Contenders Football Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains Five Autographs, One Parallel, and 18 Inserts!

    Chase the iconic Rookie Tickets which feature on-card autographs from all the best and brightest young talent the NFL has to offer which include Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Najee Harris, DeVonta Smith and many more!

    Hunt for the Rookie Ticket Variations as well, which have unique photography and characteristics from the regular Rookie Ticket.

    Look for the Hobby-exclusive Rookie Clear Ticket, SSP Rookie Clear Ticket Mosaic, and the brand new Rookie Ticket RPS Reverse!

    Look for brand new inserts in 2021 Contenders such as, Gladiators, Chain Movers, Power Players, Supernatural, and Playoff Tickets.

    Search for insert autographs from the best of the best in NFL Ink, Legendary Contenders Autographs, MVP Contenders Autographs, Coaches Ticket and Sunday Ticket Signatures!


    SEASON TICKET: Look for a 100-card Season Ticket base checklist that includes all the best and brightest stars of the NFL!

    Playoff Ticket #'d/199
    Championship Ticket #'d/99
    Cracked Ice Ticket #'d/21
    Super Bowl Ticket One-of-One

    ROOKIE TICKET RPS: Look for the iconic Rookie Ticket RPS with all the top Rookies in the NFL, find the stunning ticket design with an on-card autograph! Find the always popular and rare Cracked Ice parallel of the Rookie Tickets! These stunning autographed parallels are max numbered to 21!

    Rookie Ticket RPS
    Rookie Ticket Stub RPS Max #'d/99
    Rookie Playoff Ticket RPS Max #'d/99
    Rookie Championship Ticket RPS Max #'d/49
    Rookie Cracked Ice Ticket RPS Max #'d/21
    Rookie Super Bowl Ticket RPS One-of-One
    Rookie Ticket RPS Reverse

    ROOKIE TICKET RPS REVERSE: A brand new parallel in 2021, Rookie Ticket RPS Reverse will feature the top rookies in the 2021 draft in a unique and SSP Parallel.

    2001 ROOKIE TICKET RPS: Paying Homage to the 2001 Contenders Rookie ticket, find all the best 2021 rookies in this on-card autograph that pays tribute to a design of the past!

    2001 Rookie Ticket RPS Max #'d/21
    2001 Rookie Ticket RPS Gold Max #'d/10
    2001 Rookie Ticket RPS Platinum One-of-One

    CONTENDERS TO CANTON AUTOGRAPHS: Look for some of the greatest players in NFL history that have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame paired with their first Contenders card for an iconic walk down memory lane!

    Contenders to Canton Autographs Max #'d/20
    Contenders to Canton Autographs Gold Max #'d/10
    Contenders to Canton Autographs Platinum One-of-One

    GLADIATORS: Look for a brand-new insert, Gladiators, in 2021 Contenders football, featuring some of the most battle tested veterans in the NFL.

    Gladiators Silver #'d/99
    Gladiators Gold #'d/25
    Gladiators Platinum #'d/10

    SUPERNATURAL: New to 2021 Contenders, Supernatural features some of the most mystifying Quarterbacks in the NFL!

    Supernatural Silver #'d/99
    Supernatural Gold #'d/25
    Supernatural Platinum #'d/10

    PLAYOFF TICKETS: History is made in the regular season, Legends are made in the Playoffs. Playoff Tickets is a new insert in 2021 Contenders, highlighting some of the greatest playoff performances and moments in
    NFL history! Look for SSP Autograph Parallels!

    Playoff Tickets
    Playoff Tickets Silver #'d/99
    Playoff Tickets Gold #'d/25
    Playoff Tickets Platinum #'d/10
    Playoff Tickets Autographs Max #'d/25
    Playoff Tickets Autographs Platinum One-of-One

    18 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

    - $780.00

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