2021 Bowman Platinum Baseball 8-Pack Blaster Box

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     2021-22 Hoops Basketball kicks off the 75th NBA season with your chance to collect the first rookie cards of the 2021 NBA Draft in their NBA jerseys!

    • Search for Retail Exclusive autographs in Great SIGnificance! Also chase Rise N Shine Memorabilia Winter, Rookie Remembrance Winter and Rookie Sweaters, exclusive to winter blaster boxes!

    • Find a full roster of retail-only inserts, including Lights Camera Action, Frequent Flyers, Class of 2021, Pure Players, Skyview, Arriving Now, and the very popular SLAM! insert. Each insert features a rare Holographic parallel version!

    • Winter Blaster Exclusive: Base Winter, Base Purple Winter, Rise N Shine Memorabilia Winter, Rookie Remembrance Winter, Rookie Sweaters, Lights Camera Action Winter, Frequent Flyers Winter, Class of 2021 Winter, Pure Players Winter, Skyview Winter, Arriving Now Winter, and SLAM Winter!
    Each Holiday Blaster Contains:
    • 8 Cards per Pack
    • 11 Packs per Box
    • 1 Autograph or Winter Memorabilia
    • 11 Winter Inserts or Parallels (one per pack)

    - $20.00

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