2021 Bowman Chrome MLB Baseball Mega Box

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    Cards per pack: Bowman Chrome – 5, Bowman Chrome Mega Packs – 5
    Packs per box: 7 – 5 Bowman Chrome, 2 Bowman Chrome Mega Packs

    These boxes are loaded with exclusives! 

    Each Mega Box has seven packs, five with cards from 2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball and two with the patterned cards not found in regular packs. Like previous years, these exclusives are distinct for their patterned background, often referred to as “Mojo.”

    Mega Box Autographs, which are like base cards, are 1:10 packs, which works out to about every fifth box. Green, Orange and Rose Gold parallels are also available! 

    Base cards port over 100 Prospects from the 2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball checklist. Each has eight levels of serial-numbered parallels: Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange, Red, and Rose Gold.

    A handful of cards also have Image Variations with different photos, landing on average, 1:156 Mega Box packs.

    Two insert sets from Bowman Chrome get the Mojo treatment, Dawn of Glory (1:2) and Bowman Ascension, which are designed by Tyson Beck. Like the regular release, Ascension cards are tough. Here they’re 1:80 packs.

    Parallel odds on average: 

    • Purple – (1:14)
    • Pink – (1:18)
    • Blue – (1:24)
    • Green – (1:36)
    • Gold – (1:70)
    • Orange – (1:140)
    • Red – (1:699)
    • Rose Gold – (1:3,510)

    - $85.00

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