2021-22 Upper Deck Seattle Kraken Box Set

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    To commemorate the inaugural season of the the NHL's newest franchise, Upper Deck introduces the 2021-22 Seattle Kraken Box Set!

    Each box set includes the complete 30-card commemorative set consisting of 23 player cards and 7 Season Highlights cards capturing top moments from the Kraken's debut season.

    Additionally, each box set will include 5 player and/or Season Highlights parallels!

    Look for low-#'d Blue (#'d to 32) and Gold Spectrum (#'d 1-of-1) parallels, as well as Autograph and Autograph SP parallels, which combine to fall 1 in every case (on average)!


    Base Set Cards:

    Base Set 23:1
    Base Set - Gold Parallel 2:1
    Base Set - Red Parallel #'d to 2021
    Base Set - Blue Parallel #'d to 32
    Base Set - Gold Spectrum Parallel #'d 1-of-1
    Base Set - Autograph Parallel 1:45
    Base Set - Autograph SP Parallel 1:250

    Season Highlights Cards:

    Season Highlights 7:1
    Season Highlights - Gold Parallel 1:2
    Season Highlights - Red Parallel #'d to 2021
    Season Highlights - Blue Parallel #'d to 32
    Season Highlights - Gold Spectrum Parallel #'d 1-of-1
    Season Highlights - Autograph Parallel 1:150

    35 Cards Per Set

    - $35.00

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