2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Trading Cards Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains One Artist Autograph!

    Box Hits:

    - 4 Foil Parallels
    - 2-3 Japanese Parallels
    - 4 Inserts from Kaiju, Idols, or Mechanized
    - 1 Artist Autograph
    - 3-4 Stax Cards
    - 1-2 Capsule Characters

    Collect a 90 Card Original Art Base Set by Marvel Variant Cover Artist, Peach Momoko!! Featuring Two Unique Foil Board Parallels! One of the Foil Board Parallels has a Japanese translated back and is split over 4 tiers of rarity! Discover #'d autograph versions!

    Find original base art by notable Marvel variant cover artist, Peach Momoko! Search for 1-of-1 Sketch Cards drawn by Peach Momoko!

    Look for #'d Artist Autographed versions!

    Original art inserts inspired by Anime, Manga, and Japanese Pop Culture:

    - MECHANIZED - Marvel Heroes depicted as awesome Mechs ready for battle!
    - KAIJU - Epic Marvel Monsters!
    - IDOLS - Collect all 7 Teams!

    Look for Capsule Characters! Inspired by Japanese Capsule Machines. Rip open team-based cards to reveal small #'d character cards!

    Collect Chibi! Look for these miniature cards with characters drawn in cute Chibi art style with 3 tiers of rarity!

    Watch for Hanafuda! Paying homage to Japanese Hanafuda cards and printed on unique black stock, Peach Momoko's original Marvel art pieces grace Marvel Anime's Hanafuda insert!

    Look for Stax! Triple layered STAX insert cards return! Collect and stack the CMYK layers together!

    16 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

    - $135.00

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