2020 Leaf In the Game Used - Sports

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    Each Box contains Five Memorabilia or Autographed Cards!

    Leaf Trading Cards Is Proud To Announce The Return Of One Of The Hobby's Most Celebrated Products With 2020 In The Game Used Sports!


    A Career Day: A Single Player Triple Memorabilia Insert Set Featuring Superstars From All Sports Highlighting A Fantastic Day From Their Amazing Careers! Such As: Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr., Tom Brady And Kobe Bryant!

    A Midsummer Night's Dream: 8 Player Baseball Themed Memorabilia Insert Featuring An Amazing Checklist Of Baseball Legends Such As: Ruth/Williams/Clemente/Mays/Maris/Mantle/Snider/Musial And Ichiro/Yastrzemski/Rose/Jeter/Fox/Mccovey/Carter/Hunter.

    A Year To Remember: A Single Player Quad Memorabilia Card Featuring Sports Legends And Some Of The Best Seasons Of All-time! Such As: Mark Mcgwire 1998, Joe Dimaggio 1941, Walter Payton 1977 And Larry Bird 1984.

    All-time All-star Ballot: A-6 Player Memorabilia Card Featuring What Would Be A Historic Baseball All-star Game Ballot By Position! Such As: Of-ruth/Dimaggio/Ott/Clemente/Williams/Musial And 3b- Schmidt/Robinson/Brett/Mathews/Jones/Boggs.

    All-time Top 5: A 5 Player Memorabilia Set Featuring The Greatest At Each Position In Sports Of All Time! Such As: Montana/Brady/Marino/Elway/Favre And Magic/Stockton/Kidd/Thomas/Nash.

    Baseball Redraft: A 4 Player Memorabilia Insert That Asks The Question What If The Draft Were Held After We Knew Who Would Be Great! Such As: 1971 1. Schmidt/2. Brett/3. Rice/4. Hernandez Or 1989 1. Thomas/2. Bagwell/3. Thome/4. Kent.

    Basketball Redraft: A 6 Player Memorabilia Insert Set That Asks The Question What If The Draft Were Held Knowing What We Now Know? Such As: 1996 1. Kobe/2. Iverson/3. Nash/4. Allen/5. Stojakovic/6. Marbury.

    Breaking Ankles: A 3-player Memorabilia Insert Featuring Those With Stop On A Dime Moves That Can Put Even The Best Defenders On Their Rear! Such As: Iverson/Hardaway/Marbury And Sanders/Sayers/Dorsett.

    In The Game Used Auto: Single Player Auto Memorabilia Featuring Stars Such As: Joe Montana, Cristiano Ronaldo And Giannis Antetokounmpo.

    In The Game Used Dual Auto: 2 Player Auto Memorabilia Set Featuring Heroes Such As: Sosa/Mcgwire And Shaquille O'neal/Kevin Garnett.

    In The Game Used Triple Auto: 3 Player Auto Memorabilia Card Featuring Triple Stars Such As: Montana/Bird/Ripken And Aikman/Smith/Irvin.

    Once In A Generation: A Single Player Signature Memorabilia Card Featuring Once In A Lifetime Athletes Such As: Ken Griffey Jr., Lionel Messi And Bo Jackson.

    The Champions Club: Dual Auto Memorabilia Card Featuring 2 Stars That Were Once Champions! Such As: Thomas/Rodman, Arod/Rivera And Rose/Larkin.

    Super Swatch Signatures: An Auto Memorabilia Card With A Jumbo-sized Memorabilia Swatch! Featuring Sports Icons Such As: Mariano Rivera And Lawrence Taylor.

    In The Name Used Letter: Letters Right Of The Back Of Superstar Game Used Jerseys! Look For Iconic Names Such As: Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds And Ben Roethlisberger.

    Jumbo Patch: A Patch Of Greatness In Jumbo Size! Featuring Monster Star Patches Such As: Hoyt Wilhelm, Jim Kelly, Frank Robinson And Tony Gwynn!

    Decade Vs. Decade: An 8 Player Memorabilia Card That Matches Up Legends From Each Decade! Which Decade Would Dominate? 50s Vs. 90s Mantle/Musial/Mays/Berra/Griffey Jr./Bonds/Piazza/Gwynn Or 80s Vs. 00s Bird/Magic/Parish/Thomas Vs. Kobe/Duncan/Garnett/Mcgrady.

    Season Leaders: A 4 Player Memorabilia Insert Featuring League Leaders For A Season Across Different Sports Such As: Payton/Walton/Ryan/Lafleur -1977, Puckett/Stockton/Lemieux/Montana - 1989 And Griffey/Lemieux/Rodman/Sanders - 1997.

    In The Game Used Gear: A Single Player 6 Swatch Memorabilia Card Featuring Sports Legends And Heroes! Such As: Jerry Rice, Roddy Piper, Kobe Bryant And Derek Jeter!

    Enshrined Town: Hall Of Fame Legends That Share A City Are Featured On This 6 Player Memorabilia Card Such As: Payton/Pippen/Hull/Dent/Williams/Rodman.

    Greatest Games Of All Time: A 4 Player Memorabilia Card Featuring Stars That Played In Some Of The Most Memorable And Classic Games Ever! Such As: Fisk/Yastrzemski/Rose/Morgan - October 21, 1975 And Magic/Worthy/Bird/Mchale - June 9, 1985.

    Moniker Matchups: A Dual Player Memorabilia Card Featuring Some Of The Most Recognizable Nicknames Of All-time Going Head To Head! Such As: Ruth/Mantle The Bambino Vs. The Commerce Comet And Julius Erving/Larry Bird Dr. J Vs. Larry Legend.

    One On One: A Dual Player Memorabilia Card Featuring Two Basketball Superstars Going Head To Head Such As: Kobe/Mcgrady, Wilkins/Dr.J And Garnett/Duncan.

    The Fantastic Franchise: 8 Player Memorabilia Card Featuring All Time Greats From Some Of Sports Greatest Franchises Such As: Pittsburgh Clemente/Stargell/Parker/Bonds/Mazeroski/Bonilla/Blyleven/Madlock And Yankees Ruth/Mantle/Dimaggio/Maris/Munson/Jeter/Jackson/Berra.

    Sole Man: A Single Player Game Used Shoe Card! Featuring Basketball Icons Such As: Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, And Allen Iverson.

    The Chosen Few: Amazing One Of One Memorabilia Insert Set Featuring Mlb Logos, Nba Logos And Nfl Shields Plus Some Amazing Patches, Tags, Logos And More! Featuring Amazing Memorabilia From: Kobe Bryant, Jack Nicklaus, Larry Bird, Kurt Warner And Reggie Jackson!

    The Iconic 8: 8 Player Memorabilia Card Featuring Some Of Sports Most Iconic Athletes! Such As: Messi/Bryant/Federer/Jeter/Roethlisberger/Tyson/Trout/Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Passing The Baton: 2 Legends Are Featured In This Dual Memorabilia Insert That Highlights Passing The Mantle Of Greatness. Such As: Dimaggio/Mantle, Payton/Sanders, Ali/Holmes And Dr. J/Kobe.

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