2019 Panini Contenders Optic Football Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains Two Autographs (One On-Card), One Parallel #'d to 199 or less, One Insert, and Two Base Cards!

    A treasure for Contenders collectors and football collectors alike, Contenders Optic brings the same feel Contenders collectors know and love printed on stunning opti-chrome technology.

    Giving collectors a chance to get their hands on some of the biggest names in the sport, Contenders Tribute brings back rookie tribute cards that feature an on-card autograph from some of the biggest names from NFL history, including the 2002 Rookie Class.

    Loaded with inserts, Contenders Optic brings a new look to classic favorites such as MVP Contenders, All-Time Contenders and Winning Tickets that feature Super Bowl MVPs throughout NFL history.

    Be on the hunt for our Supernova Die-Cut cards, featuring the biggest names in football. Names such as Patrick Mahomes II, Christian McCaffrey, and Khalil Mack.

    Look for Rookie Cards of Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew II, DK Metcalf, Dwayne Haskins, Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, T.J. Hockenson, and David Montgomery!


    ROOKIE TICKET RPS AUTOGRAPHS: Offering collectors another chance at getting the top rookies of the 2019 draft class, Rookie Ticket RPS Autographs brings the beautiful opti-chrome technology to a timeless classic.

    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph
    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph Red #'d/199
    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph Teal #'d/149
    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph Blue #'d/75
    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph Orange #'d/50
    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph Green Pulsar #'d/27
    - Rookie Ticket RPS Autograph Gold Vinyl one-of-one

    ROOKIE OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS: Rookie of the Year Contenders features an on-card autograph of the top rookies competing for the highest rookie honor -- the NFL Rookie of the Year Award!

    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Max #'d/125
    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Orange #'d/50
    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Green Pulsar #'d/27
    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Gold #'d/10
    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    ROOKIE TICKET AUTOGRAPHS: A favorite of collectors, Rookie Ticket Autographs provides the unique opportunity to collect the 2019 draft class with beautiful opti-chrome Rookie Tickets.

    - Rookie Ticket Autographs
    - Rookie Ticket Autographs Blue #'d/75
    - Rookie Ticket Autographs Orange #'d/50
    - Rookie Ticket Autographs Gold #'d/10
    - Rookie Ticket Autographs Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    2007 CONTENDERS TRIBUTE AUTOGRAPHS: Go back in time with Contenders Tribute Autographs, featuring on-card Tribute sets from 1999, 2002, 2007 and many more. Featuring such players as Calvin Johnson, Julius Peppers, Shaun Alexander, and Jason Witten.

    - 2007 Contenders Tribute Autographs #'d/25
    - 2007 Contenders Tribute Autographs Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    LEGENDARY CONTENDERS AUTOGRAPHS: Bring Canton home with you, Legendary Contenders Autographs gives collectors a chance to pull some of the most legendary names in football history, Collectors new and old will love these opti-chrome autographs.

    - Legendary Contenders Autographs Max #'d/99
    - Legendary Contenders Autographs Green Pulsar #'d/27
    - Legendary Contenders Autographs Gold #'d/10
    - Legendary Contenders Autographs Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    PLAYER OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS AUTOGRAPHS: Player of the Year Contenders Autographs highlights some of the very best talent the NFL has to offer. Players such as Patrick Mahomes II, Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson.

    - Player of the Year Contenders Autographs Max #'d/99
    - Player of the Year Contenders Autographs Green Pulsar #'d/27
    - Player of the Year Contenders Autographs Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    MVP CONTENDERS: Introducing a new insert to Contenders Optic, MVP Contenders is sure to be a hit with collectors. Done in Opti-Chrome, MVP Contenders features Super Bowl MVPs throughout NFL history.

    - MVP Contenders #'d/165
    - MVP Contenders Blue #'d/99
    - MVP Contenders Orange #'d/50
    - MVP Contenders Green Pulsar #'d/27
    - MVP Contenders Gold #'d/10
    - MVP Contenders Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    SEASON TICKET: Rookies aren't the only players to be excited about in Contenders Optic. Chase down some of the best veterans the NFL has to offer in the Season Ticket set!

    - Season Ticket
    - Season Ticket Red #'d/199
    - Season Ticket Blue #'d/99
    - Season Ticket Orange #'d/50
    - Season Ticket Gold #'d/10
    - Season Ticket Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    SUPERNOVA DIE-CUT: For those looking for a chase, Supernova Die-cuts offers collectors the chance to get a super rare Opti-Chrome Die-cut of the top players in the NFL, players like Saquon Barkley, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes II and Christian McCaffrey.

    - Supernova Die-Cut Gold Vinyl One-of-One

    1 Pack Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

    - $205.00

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