2019-20 Leaf In The Game Used Hockey Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains Five Premium Hits!


    HE GR8EST OF ALL TIME: The title speaks of itself! Only the greatest 8 on these 8 player memorabilia cards such as: Lemieux/Howe/Hull/Messier/Dionne/Yzerman/Bossy

    JOURNEY: Single player dual memorabilia card featuring stars that have made a few glorious stops throughout their career such as: Jaromir Jagr, Brett Hull and Paul Kariya.

    LEGENDS OF THE GARDEN: Seats from Boston Garden featuring those that helped make the legendary arena famous! Such as: Eddie Shore, Dit Clapper and Cam Neely>

    VINTAGE MEMORABILIA: Single player, vintage piece of hockey history from hockey royalty, such as: Cyclone Taylor, Georges Vezina and Frank Nighbor.

    VINTAGE MEMORABILIA 2: Dual player piece of hockey history featuring: Cyclone Taylor/Percy Lasueur and Tiny Thompson/George Hainsworth.

    VINTAGE MEMORABILIA 3: Triple player piece of hockey history featuring: Durnan/Brimsek/Lumley and Morenz/Bailey/Stewart

    VINTAGE MEMORABILIA 4: Foursome of hockey history! Featuring historic game used memorabilia of legends such as: Barilko/Primeau/Bailey/Armstrong.

    VINTAGE MEMORABILIA 6 AND 8: Patrick/Nighbor/Lalonde/Adams/Benedict/Bailey and Richard/Blake/Olmstead/Beliveau/Durnan/Joliat/Lach/Morenz

    IN THE NAME USED LETTER: Letter right off the back of a game used jersey! Featuring nameplates of Trevor Lindon and Jaromir Jagr.

    FIGHT STRAP 4: An extremely rare quad memorabilia card featuring fight strap buttons.

    FANTASY 6 ON 6: Double sided memorabilia card featuring 12 players and 12 memorabilia swatches!! Such as: Lindbergh/Howe/Sakic/Yzerman/Horton/Leetch/Cheevers/Ullman/Federov/Bossy/Niedermayer/Lidstrom.

    SUPER SWATCH SIGNATURES: Single player signed memorabilia card set. Featuring large premium swatches such as fight straps or patches! Tiger Williams, Bill Goldthorpe and Ed Jovanovski.

    ALL TIME FANTASY TOP 20 SEASONS: Featuring hockey legends most elite fantasy season! With statistical studs such as: Mario Lemieux, Teemu Selanne and Dominik Hasek.

    BLADES OF STEEL 6: A six player memorabilia card featuring game used skates! Featuring legendary leather of stars such as: Beliveau/Blake/Richard/Olmstead/Plante/Lach and Lemieux/Bourque/Bure/Coffey/Gilmour/Hull.

    LEGACY: Triple memorabilia card featuring generations of legends such as: Vezina/Durnan/Plante and Clancy/Horton/Salming.

    LEGENDARY NUMBERS: Two legends that shared a storied number are featured in this memorabilia card set such as #1 - Sawchuk/Hall and #2 - Harvey/Shore.

    IN THE GAME USED AUTO: Autographed memorabilia cards featuring super signers such as: Jagr, Hasek and Lindros.

    FANTASY HOCKEY LEADERS: 6 superstars that shared a fantasy statistical super season such as: 1964-65 - Mikita/Howe/Ullman/Hull/Delvecchio/Crozier

    DREAM CUP MATCHUP: Featuring 4 franchise foundations each from 2 of the greatest championship teams of all-time! How would they match up? Such as: '74 Philadelphia vs '94 New York - Clarke/Parent/Barber/MacLeish/Messier/Richter/Kovalev/Leetch and '62 Toronto vs. '73 Montreal - Mahovlich/Keon/Armstrong/Horton/Cournoyer/Mahovlich/Savard/Dryden.

    GAME 7: 7 player memorabilia card that features superstars that battled in a rare Stanley Cup playoff game 7! Such as 1964 Semifinals - Detroit vs. Chicago Howe/Delvecchio/Ullman/Sawchuk/Hull/Mikita/Hall and 1974 Semifinals - New York vs. Philadelphia Ratelle/Gilbert/Tkaczuk/Giacomin/Clarke/Barber/Parent

    LEGENDARY LINES MATCHUP: 6 player memorabilia card set matching up some of the most famous lines of all time! Such as: The Production Line vs. The Skyline - Howe/Abel/Lindsay/Lemieux/Jagr/Stevens and The Kid Line vs. The Punch Line - Conacher/Primeau/Jackson/Blake/Lach/Richard.

    IN THE GAME USED TRIPLE AUTO: Triple signed memorabilia card featuring truple signature stars such as: Lemieux/Jagr/Barrasso and Bossy/Potvin/Smith.

    IN THE GAME USED DUAL AUTO: Dual autographed memorabilia cards featuring signature duos such as: Mahovlich/Baun, Esposito/Hall and Messier/Coffey.

    THE CHOSEN FEW: Leaf is proud to announce the return of last year's exciting redemption program that allows you to choose your card. Newly added for this year The Chosen Two and The Chosen Few Auto versions.

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