2013-14 Panini Playbook Hockey Hobby Box

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    Configuration: 1 pack per box. 3 cards per pack.

    - 1 Base Card
    - 1 Booklet
    - 1 Autograph Or Memorabilia

    - Playbook makes its debut for the NHL
    - Every pack will contain an autograph or memorabilia booklet card along with an additional autograph or memorabilia card.
    - Look for Rookie Autograph Jersey Booklet cards #'d/199, 25, and 5!
    - Split Decisions Booklet cards feature the league's best netminders along with oversized memorabilia pieces.
    - Double Rookie Classbooks pair up the best rookies of the 2013-14 Dual Rookie Class!


    Playbook Rookie
    Look for Autograph Jersey Rookie Booklet cards #'d /199 with Prime #'d/25 and Patches #'d/5

    Double Rookie Classbook
    The Double Rookie Classbook pairs up the best of the 2013-14 NHL Dual-Rookie Class. Find Jersey, Prime and Patch variations.

    Signature Booklet
    Find Signature Booklet cards with autographs and memorabilia of the league's top players!

    First Drafts Signatures
    Every pack contains an additional autograph or memorabilia card, including First Drafts Signatures that features players on Draft Day.

    Split Decisions
    Split Decisions booklets showcase oversized memorabilia with the league's most agile netminders.

    Base Cards
    Base set includes 100 cards along with, Gold (#'d /50), Holo Silver (#'d/25), and Purple (1 of 1) parallels

    - $120.00

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