2012-13 Panini Prime Hockey Hobby Box

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    Each Box contains One 5-Card Prime Pack and One 2-Card Dominion Pack!

    The 5-Card Prime Pack contains the following:

    - One Base Card
    - One Prime Rookie Autograph Quad Jersey
    - One Prime Autograph
    - One Prime Memorabilia Card
    - One additional Prime Memorabilia Card OR Autograph Card

    The 2-Card Dominion Pack contains the following:

    - One Dominion Base Card
    - One Dominion Autograph Patch or Memorabilia Card

    Prime Colors Returns - Team Logos, Player Numbers, and Commemorative Patches (Stanley Cup, All Star Game, Patches, etc.)!

    Every Box of Prime contains One 2-Card Pack featuring the best from DOminion, including Autographed Patch Rookie Cards, Autographed Peerless Patches, and Engravatures!

    ALL NEW Memorabilia Cards feature Prime Cuts from Game-Used Skates and Gloves! Also look for the return of Prime Ties!


    Prime Rookies Quad memorabilia Autograph: One Prime Rookies quad memorabilia autograph card in every pack. Look for Jumbo Patch and 1/1 NHL Shield variations!

    Prime Gloves Insignia: All-New Glove and Skate memorabilia cards including oversized 1/1 versions!

    Prime Colors Patch: Find Prime Colors oversized patches with Logo, Number and Patch variations.

    Prime Signatures Trios: Look for Prime Signatures, Dual Signatures and Triple Signatures featuring players from the past and present.

    Dominion Rookie Autograph Patch: Get one two-card Dominion pack inside every Prime pack.

    Dominion Peerless Patches: Every Dominion pack includes an Autograph Rookie Patch, Autograph Patch or limited Memorabilia card.

    1 Pack Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack

    Product Highlights

    • 1 Pack Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack
    • 5 Autograph and/or Memorabilia Hits Per Box!
    • Find Prime Cuts from Game-Used Skates
    • The return of Prime Ties!

    - $295.00

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