2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Hobby Box

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    8 Cards per Pack
    24 Packs per Box
    12 Boxes per Case

    ·         Young Guns deliver in full force, averaging 6 per box! .
    o   Great carry-over Rookies, plus 1st cards of phenoms who hit the ice in October!
    ·         SPECIAL TRIBUTE: Look for 20th Anniversary variations of the Regular Set!
    o   Featuring 1990-91 UD designs, including Young Guns!
    o   These cool cards combine to hit 6 per box, with valuable RC’s falling 1:48!
    ·         A UD trademark -- 2 UD Game Jersey cards in each box!
    ·         Fun Die-Cut Acetate cards with FRESH themes!
    o   Find Champions, Hall of Fame Inductions or Lineage, combining for 1 per case!
    ·         Get Steve Yzerman Hockey Heroes cards!
    o   Truly a one-of-a-kind player, featured in a fitting insert!
    ·         Collect the All-World Team insert, hitting 2 per box with short-prints falling 2-3 per case!
    o   Good collector values come from this insert!
    ·         Exclusive (#’d to 100) & Spectrum (#’d to 10) parallels of UD1 are always a hit!
    ·         UD Game Patches add more hits to a product that delivers from top to bottom! 

    ·         Rookie Cards!
    o   Young Guns – inserted 1:4
    ·         20th Anniversary Variations! (combined to deliver 1:4)
    o   Regular Cards – inserted 1:5
    o   Young Guns – inserted 1:48
    ·         UD’s Memorabilia & Signature Cards Deliver!
    o   UD Game Jerseys – inserted 1:12
    o   UD Game Patch – #’d to 15
    o   Signature Sensations – inserted 1:288
    ·         Fresh Die-Cut Acetate Cards!
    o   Clear Cut Champions – #’d to 100
    o   Clear Cut Hall of Fame Inductions – #’d to 25
    o   Clear Cut Lineage – #’d to 25
    ·         Stevie Y – One of Hockey’s Icons! (combined to deliver 1:12)
    o   Hockey Heroes, Steve Yzerman – inserted 1:13
    o   Hockey Heroes, Yzerman Art Card – inserted 1:504
    o   Hockey Heroes, Yzerman Header Card – inserted 1:504
    ·         Regular Set Parallels!
    o   Exclusives – #’d to 100
    o   Exclusives Spectrum – #’d to 10
    ·         Representative of the World-Wide game! (combined to deliver 1:12)
    o   All-World Team – inserted 1:13
    o   All-World Team SP – inserted 1:120
    ·         Regular Cards
    o   200 Regular Cards

    - $200.00

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