2003 Upper Deck Manchester United Strike Force Retail Box

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    2003 Upper Deck Manchester United 'Strike Force' Soccer trading cards (24 packs per box / 5 cards per pack).

    Featuring an insert card in every second pack (on average), this released is based on the collectable card game phenomenon and features a range of common cards and 7 awesome insert levels including 'Solid Goal' (1:6 packs), 'Clutch Players' (1:16 packs), 'Laying it on the Line' (1:16 packs), 'True Gamers' (1:22 packs), 'Goal Producers' (1:22 packs), 'Difference Makers' (1:42 packs) and 'Winning Formula' (1:452 packs).

    Official Strike Force Game Rules

    When you have found a player willing to challenge you at Upper Deck Manchester United Strike Force, and you are ready to start the game, you will need to decide how many cards you will use. Both players must have an equal amount of cards. 25 or more cards will give you the best results. You and your opponent must then decide whether to play to a set score (in which case the decks are reshuffled once used up), or if the game will end when the decks are exhausted.

    Each player shuffles their cards and places them front-side up in a stack in front of them. A coin is flipped to determine who goes first. Player 1, the player on OFFENCE, flips their top card over first. Player 2, the player on DEFENCE, flips theirs over in response. This alternates back and forth between players until the game ends, with the offensive player always flipping their card over first. The object of the game is to outscore your opponent by making three consecutive passes before shooting on goal. Each player box is color coded RED (Offence) or BLUE (Defence). In addition, all cards (except Goalkeepers) have a number ranking. These factors determine the flow of the game.

    During each turn, the Offensive and Defensive players compare the cards they have just flipped. The Offensive player is seeking to flip three consecutive RED cards before unleashing a shot on goal. At each flip, the Defensive player is seeking to stop the possession and take the ball for themselves.

    While on Offence, there are three possible outcomes:
    A RED card is flipped - card is compared to the Defender's flipped card. If the Defender's card is RED (or a Goalkeeper card on a pass), the Offensive pass is successful. If the Defender's card is BLUE, the two numbers are compared, with the higher number retaining or taking posession of the ball. When comparing numbers on PASSES, the OFFENCE wins all ties.
    A BLUE card is flipped - possession goes to Defender.
    A Goalkeeper card is flipped - possession goes to Defender.

    Once the Offence has made three successful passes, the next card flipped is the SHOT. The colors of both players' boxes HAVE NO MEANING in this phase of the game. The cards are simply flipped and the numbers compared, with the higher number scoring or making the save. When comparing numbers on SHOTS, the DEFENCE wins all ties. If the Defence flips a Goalkeeper card, the shot is automatically saved.

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