1995 Playoff Hockey One on One Challenge Starter Deck - Sealed

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    You have before you a truly unique Card Game. It gives you the opportunity to play a game of hockey with the NHL’s best. A Starter Deck provides a randomized selection of 50 cards and 3 dice. A game requires two players, each with their own Starter deck. Actually you can play two different exciting game variants, Quick Shot or Playoff One-on-One Hockey Challenge, with a starter deck. Both games employ similar game mechanics, but the overall game play, strategy level, and details for each are very different. Quick Shot is a fast action, easy to learn, quick playing contest while Playoff One-on-One Hockey Challenge is a more complex game and it will take time and practice to understand its complete strategy and play possibilities. The rules for Quick Shot are presented to give newcomers the opportunity to get started quickly and become familiar with many of the basic game mechanics. For most Collectable Card Game players and as newcomers gain experience we invite you to give the complete Playoff One-on-One Hockey Challenge game rules a shot.

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