1992-93 Topps Basketball Factory Set

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    Complete Factory Set with 12 Bonus Topps Gold Cards!!!

    The complete 1992-93 Topps basketball set consists of 396 standard-size cards. On a white card face, the fronts display color action player photos framed by two-color border stripes. The player's name and team name appear in two different colored bars across the bottom of the picture. In addition to a color close-up photo, the horizontal backs have biography on a light blue panel as well as statistics and brief player profile on a yellow panel. Most Rookie Cards have the a gold-foil "'92 Draft Pix" emblem on their card fronts. Topical subsets included are Highlight (2-4), All-Star (100-126), 50 Point Club (199-215), and 20 Assist Club (216-224). Rookie Cards of note include Tom Gugliotta, Robert Horry, Christian Laettner, Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O'Neal, Latrell Sprewell and Clarence Weatherspoon.

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