1991 Topps Baseball Hobby Box

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    36 packs per box

    1991 Topps Baseball is one of it's most attractive sets released. The base card design is very clean and highlights the stellar photography. Cards have a white border. A pair of thin frames are also around the photo. These frames are color-coded according to the team. A bar runs along the bottom of the card and has both the player name and position. Above the bar is a ribbon with the team's name. Topps commemorated their 40th anniversary by including a special "Topps 40" logo on the front and back of each card. Card backs are red with complete career stats and player vitals. A short bio is added for those players with enough space. 1991 Topps Baseball has the standard 792-card checklist. There is plenty of room for all the game's top stars. Many of the rookies come from the Draft Picks subset, the best of which is Chipper Jones. Other subsets include All-Stars and Record Breakers. 1991 Topps Baseball has an abnormal amount of errors. Most are statistical errors, but some players have the wrong photo or wrong team.

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